Plus Size Frankenstein Costume


This plus size Frankenstein costume is a classic halloween costume idea. Get this mens Frankenstein costume and pair up with our bride of Frankenstein.

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Living out your life is filled with a thousand difficult choices. You have to know what career to move towards, which kind of schooling to obtain, what kind of diet is right for you. And, get this, any “wrong choice” can lead you down a long path that might never be averted! Some choices are practically permanent while the rest of them still seem to have a long route to retcon any of it! Ugh. Such stress! Fortunately, there are ways to reinvent yourself. Admittedly, it is often something of a ground-up process to begin anew, but there are a few shortcut style options that we can help you out with.Our chief recommendation is a full recreation process that begins with stitching together some brand new options and animating your life with the power of science! Sounds drastic, we know, but this is a sure-fire path to reinvention. First step is finding doctor who can help out with some of the details. They’re smart. Wise from years. Strong devotion to medicine and science, so you know that they’re going to move through all sorts of experiments to find out the proper way to handle a problem and, that way, we don’t have to deal with all of that trial and error. When we went through our cell phone contacts, the first “Doctor” that showed up was Dr. Frankenstein. Solid German name, there. Sounds great!Ok. Sooo… admittedly, we probably could have done a little more research on exactly what the good ole’ Dr. meant by helping to “recreate” you and “animate” your life. We might have had a slight miscommunication. So, now you’re a giant green monster with bolts sticking out of your neck, but… it could have been worse! This green jacket with attached foam chest and matching pants and monster shoe covers will make you look like you’re a brand new man! The green rubber headpiece with synthetic hair might look a little flat-topped, but, we guarantee that you’ll have a style unlike any other! New life. That’s for sure. Enjoy! And… we recommend you avoid fire. It seems… bad.


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Plus Size Frankenstein Costume

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