Adult Hellraiser Pinhead Face Mask


If you’re ready to become exquisitely empty than become Pinhead this Halloween.

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A man, a demon, a myth, a legend. Pinhead isn’t your run of the mill bloodthirsty killer. He is something much deeper and more complicated. Whatever you like to think of Pinhead is, one thing is for sure, this guy has a memorable look. Even if you didn’t know he could pull you to the maze-like dimension called Hell, this guy probably isn’t anyone you’d go out of your way to hang out with. Like any of us, good old Pinhead has changed through the years. He’s gone from having hints of his human soul leftover to a pain hungry horror trying to obtain world domination. Other than the storyline there’s one obvious reason this character has remained popular since the 80’s, this take on a demon is perfect for our modern age. This mask matches descriptions from the book and the depiction in movies. Maybe this demon was trying to copy that 80’s punk style if so he went above and beyond. The nose rings those punk posers wear have nothing on Pinhead. This year Halloween will be easy, you’re sure to nail it in this mask!


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Adult Hellraiser Pinhead Face Mask

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