Teen Headless Boy Costume


This costume is so cool, you’ll lose your head! This Teen Headless Boy Costume will have everyone grossed out and wondering how it’s done.

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Not another headless teen movie.
It can be hard being a teenager. Going through puberty alone is enough to make someone loose their head. Add in girls, and friends, and bullies. All the things that are in the typical teen movie. They’re in those movies though, because that is what it is like to be a teen. It is life and death. It is love and hate. It is loosing your head.
So just imagine life as the kid who literally lost his head. Sure that kid wouldn’t get called pizza face because he had bad acne. No the bullies might instead call him Stumpy, the kid with a stump for a head. He wouldn’t have to worry about his first kiss, it’s not like he always has his head about him anyway. It can be hard to be a headless teenager.
So show your solidarity for headless teenagers everywhere. Stand up for people who can’t be called pizza face, because-well their head isn’t attached. Stand up for the kids who have to carry their heads like a bowling ball. The ones who spill their soda out of their neck hole when they try to drink it. Put on this black robe, and hold your head up high-at chest level. Maybe you will be the next big teen movie. The boy who lost his head What do you think about that title? Yeah, we know it needs a little work.


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