Plus Size Sulley Costume


When you go in this Plus Size Sully Costume, you’ll become the number one scarer student at Monsters University! Now you’ve just got to study up with you buddy Mike Wazowski.

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There’s two schools of thought when it comes to Sulley. To some, like monsters living in Monstropolis, he’s the scariest thing they’ve ever seen and the best scarer at Monsters Inc. To others, like Boo, he’s just a big kitty. Here at we like to think of Sulley as something in between. What’s scarier than a giant blue and purple polka dotted monster with huge fangs? Not a whole lot! On the other hand, he is just a big fuzzy monster with purple polka dots and pleasant blue fur… we can’t decide! Let’s just say he’s kinda of scary, but also kind of adorable. Become Sulley for yourself with this awesome costume and you too just might be an honor student at Monsters University. Goooo MU! BOO Scary Tech.


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