Plus Size Gothic Mummy Costume


You’ll be the sexiest mummy anyone’s ever seen rise from the dead in this Plus Size Gothic Mummy Costume. Accessorize with our coordinating gothic mummy wig!

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Why was the mummy so tense?
We have always wanted to study archaeology. Not because we like the desert heat, or because we want sand to be in truly unnatural places. But because we want to see a mummy up close. We want to be the ones who open the tomb, and find a preserved king, or queen.
Sure, it’s kind of a childish dream. You can tell us that you never wanted to hang out with mummies. But we will call you a liar. Mummies are awesome, and imagine if they came to life…that would be so much better! They would be so spooky. Walking around with all their bandages. We kind of want to be one now. But, like, a cute one. Not an old dusty one.
Now you don’t have to go to school for years to become an archaeologist, just to fulfill your childish dream of hanging out with a tightly wound mummy. No, you can be the pretty, free flowing kind in this Plus Size Gothic Mummy Costume. You won’t be dusty like the of ones that are pulled out of ancient tombs. And by becoming a mummy yourself, you wont have to hang out under the scorching desert sun, getting sand in unmentionable places. And if someone asks you a silly question like “Why was the mummy so tense?” You will know how to answer them.
Because she was so wound up!


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