Give your audience a scary-good time in this Circus Psycho Men’s Costume. A demented clown escapes the circus. Beware! He’s definitely not looking out for laughs. Send shivers down everyone’s spine; play on their fears with this horrifying and spine-chilling outfit! Create an air of insane asylum, creepy clowns, evil creatures and all that nightmares are made of! Strictly not fit for children parties, this eerie costume makes the right ensemble for your next horror or monster themed parties.Circus Psycho Men’s Costume includes a white straightjacket shirt, collar with faux restraint strap and a gruesome clown mask. The shirt is frightfully blood-stained and frayed at the ends. The collar with faux restraint strap may not actually help keep spectators safe from this psychotic circus element. The vinyl mask comes with a back strap to keep the mask secure and also to add to the hideous effect. The area around the eyes creates an impression of exposed muscles badly sewn at the skin and the lips are tightly shut together with wires! Go completely wild with Circus Psycho Men’s Costume.


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