Child Witch Mask


Is your child lacking that wicked touch this year? A Child Witch mask will fix that right up without much problem.

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Halloween is a lovely time of the year where, for once in our lives, we make it our honest effort to look as ugly as humanly possible. We’ve refined it down to some of the ugliest characters we can find. You’ve got your creepy monsters, scary clowns, and, of course, those terrifying, wart-covered, green-skinned witches that your parents use as examples as to why you should brush your teeth every day. As creating costumes is our profession, we work very hard to find the scariest, and thus ugliest masks we can possibly offer you. We’re thinking this one just might take the moldy rotten cake.Put this on your child, and you’re going to be the one crying “mommy” if you lose your little devil and they jump out at you from around the corner. They definitely won’t win any beauty contests when they’ve got this on their head, but, then again, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?


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