Child Ghost Bride


What’s spookier than a bride that’s come back from the dead? Not a whole lot! This Child Ghost Bride will have everyone looking behind them this Halloween.

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Oh, our wedding day… one of the most important days of our lives! We spend so many years planning it and many of us start right from our childhood days. First, we have to have the right flowers. Lilies! They’re the best-white, pure, lovely. And, the guests!? Where will they sit, how will they dance, and what kind of music shall we play? Harp music, no doubt… something hauntingly beautiful.
We haven’t even began talking about the groom. So many ideas, but, we’re still so young and have so many years before the day will come. Strange, though… it has felt like a long time already. So very, very long since we began pretending to be on the wedding night. Of course, we know the sad truth of this tale. For, we never saw that special day, stolen away from us by trick happenstance. But, the night comes when we have a chance to try once again. All Hallows Eve, when the spirits of the past can walk the land in pursuits of joy once more.
This year, it is your child’s chance to finish that delightful game and imagine what her special day would be. With the Child Ghost Bride costume, your little one will look so beautiful you could die. The beautiful spectral gown zips up comfortably and has lace sleeves and billowing shoulders that seem simply heavenly. The multilayered skirt of mesh and gossamer white fabric will have her twirling like she is hovering over the dance floor. It might not be the dream wedding that had been imagined, but at least the ghost bride never needs to leave behind the loveliness of a bride on her night.


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