Adult Deluxe Lab Worker Adult Mask


This Adult Deluxe Lab Worker Adult Mask turns you into the freak accident of a horrible experiment! Is it living or dead? Zombie or human? No one knows!

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They say hindsight is 20/20, and now you know why. Looking back, it is painfully obvious that you should not have signed up to work for that secret government facility in their experimental laboratory. You should not have volunteered for the graveyard shift. You should not have walked into the room that said “Do not enter” after you started hearing vaguely human-sounding sounds. And you definitely should not have gotten close enough to the patient with the sickly green skin that he could rear up and bite a chunk out of your shoulder.
If you hadn’t done those things, you wouldn’t be like this now-a horrific mutation, a fusion of man and beast, a disease-ridden half-dead zombie shuffling through the hallways, thirsty for blood and hungry for brains. Now you’re going to miss next week’s family trip to Disney World, most likely because you’ll have been hunted down and terminated by special forces by then. If only you’d known then what you do now…
This Adult Deluxe Lab Worker Adult Mask perfectly captures the painful reality of poor choices. The molded latex mask covers the entire head with a slit at the back for access, and its snarling face is the thing of nightmares-from the bugling, milky eyes to the crooked yellow teeth. You will definitely scare some people at your next costume party if you show up with this!


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